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The origin of “huarenbei”(Chinese cup)

Brief History of World Chinese Badminton (Huarenbei)

In 1992, our Chairman, Mr Wu Jun-Yan went with his family to meet and attend a pre-arranged post-Olympic success dinner with the Chief Coach of China Badminton, Mr Wang Wen Jiao and the China Olympic badminton team.

China sent a badminton team to the 1992 Olympic in Spain full of world champions and was expected to win minimum 3 gold medals but returned with no gold medal at all. China wanted to cancel this post-Olympic media and dinner gathering but Mr Wu insisted that the dinner celebration would proceed anyway. At the dinner, Mr Wu suggested that China needs to promote amateur badminton tournaments on top of professional badminton restricted to just a few players. Amateur badminton is for all players to compete and enjoy playing the sport of badminton.

After Beijing, Mr Wu proceeded to visit Mr Lim Kien Seng (Lin Jian Chen) co-founder of World Chinese Badminton Federation in 1993 who was then Vice President/Secretary General of Fujian Province Badminton Association and he was a close friend of Mr Wu’s father, Mr Wu Wen Da. He also met with the President of Fujian Province Badminton Association, Mr Su Zhen Guo. They discussed and supported the creation of amateur badminton in China and followed the Taiwan model of Morning Cup.

Initially we started the “Fujian/Taiwan Friendship Cup” and in 1993 through more dialogue, we expanded the competition to “World Chinese Cup or Huarenbei” with its first tournament to be held in Xiamen in Spring 1993. This tournament started with a few hundred players and grown to be the World Largest Badminton Tournament held in Zhuhai in 2014 with more than 4,200 participants and was confirmed by the World Guinness Book of Records at the Farewell Dinner in Zhuhai in 23rd November 2014.

Although these tournaments are governed and organised by World Chinese Badminton Federation, all badminton players from professional to amateur, all races and countries can participate and it is the wish of this organisation to move its tournaments around China and overseas countries to build more competition, health and friendships around the world.

World Chinese Badminton Federation Brief History

Mission Statement: The formation and foundation of World Chinese Badminton Federation are:

Ultimately it will improve our badminton skills, foster closer friendships thus make us happier and better citizens of the world.

This Organisation is now the most participated championships with largest venues and most recognised and published amateur tournaments among recreational badminton players around the world. We are very thankful to the continuous support of badminton players especially the Chinese players to date.

World Chinese Badminton Federation was formally incorporated as an Incorporated Society in Macau in 2005 following 12 years of successful Championships. One of the 2 founders namely Mr Wu, Jun-Yan who is ex Council Member of Badminton World Federation (BWF) was appointed as Chairman of this Organisation. The Vice Chairman and Chief Coach of China Badminton Federation, Mr Li, Yonbo is appointed the Patron and Honorary Chairman.

The initial individual championships started between players from Taiwan and China since 1993(now 21 years) and have since spread around the world. The Team Championships started from 2009 and have successfully organised for past 6 years. The Youth (under 19) Championships also started since 2011 (now 4 years). In summary, we now have 1. Individual Championships 2. Team Championships and 3. Youth (U19) Championships. For the first time, the 7th Team Championships will be held outside China and in Auckland, New Zealand from 20th to 22nd March 2015.

The annual usual timing of holding these championships are: Team Championships: April-May Youth (U19) Championships: July-August Individual Championships: October-November

As much as possible these championships will be held and rotated from city to city within China and occasionally at overseas cities.