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World Chinese Badminton Federation ( New Zealand ) is a branch of World Chinese Badminton Federation (WCBF) based in Shanghai China started 1993 by Mr Wu Jun-Yan of Taiwan and Mr Lin Jian Chen of Fujian China to fill the vacuum in World amateur badminton annual tournaments.

They started with a few hundred participants in its initial years but number of participants had reached World Guinness Book of Records 2014 in Zhuhai with 4,200 participants and 2015 in Changsha with 4,380 participants due to its popularity and spread around the world among all amateur and ex international players from all races and nationalities.

Badminton is a minority sport in New Zealand but due to the rising Asian population in regions such as Auckland, I believe there are many of our badminton players would like to participate in badminton tournaments and make many new and old friends around the world through yearly badminton pilgrimage and at the same time improve our standard of play.

John Wong
President of WCBF New Zealand branch
Vice President of WCBF International Council